Multilingual UK/EEA Immigration Lawyer & Advocate

Accreditations, Licenses & Education

  • OISC Level 3, Advocacy & Representation (EEA, Immigration, Asylum, Deportation, Removal, Settlement, Naturalization, outside-of-rules applications, Human Rights Appeals & Bail in all categories)

  • LSC Level 2 Senior Caseworker

  • ILEX Level 4(6) SSHD (Immigration Law)

  • Chartered Institute of Linguists Member (MCIL)

  • Interpreting, Linguistics & Philology, MA

  • JCWI

  • ILPA

  • NVQ3 (IT)

A qualified, highly experienced and skilful UK/EEA Immigration Law professional with a reputation for achieving challenging goals in both start up situations and established surroundings. Proven ability to meet targets in hostile and highly competitive environments. A competent negotiator at all levels. Versatile and self motivated, with the ability and commitment to achieve results in all situations. 

Experienced in all areas of general and specialist immigration issues including visitors, students, marriages, dependants, long residence, indefinite leave to remain, naturalization, out of rules applications, Tier 1-5, business applications, deprivation of citizenship, asylum, removal, deportation, EEA, Human Rights and Entry Clearance appeals, detention, legal aid/controlled legal representation (CLR), NASS. Global vision of immigration and visa issues from client, UK BA or ECO/ECM/HOPO/IJ point of view. Proven ability to supervise multilingual staff and overseas teams, distribute and manage case load. Extensive experience with Asian, African and Eastern European clients. Professional advocacy skills. Independent and deep  and up-to-date knowledge of the UK & EEA Immigration Rules, Polices and case-law.


My Resolution : Professional Development

Immigration is my call for life
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